Book club: Money books

This time we thought we’d share a couple of books on the theme of money, and how being aware of different approaches to our finances can be healthy.


‘Die with Zero: Getting all you can from your money and your life’ by Bill Perkins gives an alternative approach to life, and one that’s worth being aware of. Perkins wants to rescue us from over-saving and under-living, with the aim of maximising our lifetime memorable moments with ‘experience bucketing’. Lots of insights and food for thought. Buy here.


‘The Psychology of Money’ by Morgan Housel explores how our own experiences with money are very different from the bigger picture. Housel shares 19 short stories that explore the strange ways people think about money, and teaches you how to make better financial judgements. A short and enjoyable read. Buy here


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Image credit: Morgan Housel on Unsplash