Join the #BeatPlasticPollution revolution for World Environment Day

Join Park in supporting World Environment Day
Celebrated in over 100 countries, World Environment Day aims to act as a platform to educate us in protecting our environment. The host country for 2018 is India who encourage the three R’s – Reduce, Recycle and Reuse – combining traditional knowledge with a modern approach.

This year’s theme is beating plastic pollution, which focuses on changing the way we consume plastic on daily basis. The world consumes around 20 times more plastic today then we did in the 1950s and in the UK only around a third of consumer plastic is recycled per year.


What’s the deal about plastic?
The impact of plastic pollution is drastically affecting our planet, from how it is manufactured to the way it is disposed of. These processes can release harmful toxic chemicals into the environment causing severe air pollution. Worryingly, undisturbed plastics can survive for up to 1000 years, their presence causing major hazards to wildlife, plant life and water supply.


What can we do to spread awareness?

At Park, we’re thinking about what we can do as a business and personally to help reduce plastic pollution. We’re also trying to reduce paper use by sending our most lengthy documents (eg GDPR-related documents) via email prior to renewals. World Environment Day is encouraging people to join the global game of #BeatPlasticPollution tag to encourage others and spread awareness on changing the way we use plastic. Other ways of getting involved are:


  • Organise a clean-up of your local area – rally friends and work colleagues into joining a dedicated event that gets them excited about making an impact
  • Download the Litterati app – this allows users to upload photos of the plastics affecting their area and the most recurrent brands spotted so they can work with these companies and organisations to find more sustainable solutions
  • Register or attend an event for World Environment Day – share your memories by uploading photos and stories using #WorldEnvironmentDay
  • Download the World Environment Day Toolkit – you can find a number of resources to download including a lesson plan for school children to inform them on how they can reduce their plastic consumption.


For more information on getting involved, visit the World Environment Day website.