Book Club: HBR’s 10 Must Reads 2024

Harvard Business Review publish a plethora of leadership and management articles every week, and finding the most useful reading can be difficult. The HBR’s 10 Must Read paperback series helps with that. The ‘Must Reads 2024’ volume is a distillation of the latest and most useful leadership and management thinking. We found that flicking through this up to date collection provided an excellent start to the year and opened our minds to trends to be aware of in 2024. Described by HBR as ‘A year’s worth of management wisdom, all in one place’, articles selected covered topics including how to make the most of 1:1 meetings, key senior leadership skills, and the importance of using the whole team. This book and others published by HBR are also available as e-books for those of us who like to listen on the move. 


Buy here and read more Parklife Book Club recommendations here.

Happy reading!