Why you need a commercial insurance broker

It seems there’s an awareness day for everything and our industry is no exception – so happy Insurance Awareness Day for June 28th!

In all seriousness, there is an issue when it comes to awareness of insurance, especially among small businesses.

Insurance Awareness Day allows us to highlight the importance of making sure businesses have the right insurance policy in the first place and why it pays to go through a commercial broker.

As our managing director David Park explains, one of the many benefits of working with a broker is ensuring each company gets the right product at the right price, instead of paying a premium for off-the-shelf options.

“Every business is different and has its own unique trading style. As brokers, it’s our job to get under the skin of your company and fully understand its complexities,” he says.

“We understand that value for money is important and by ensuring that we approach our broad range of insurers, we can demonstrate how and where costs savings can be made. It’s our job to not only find the right insurer but also the right price for you.

“We can do that as we have close working relationships with our insurers, which allows us to have honest, frank and sometimes tough conversations on behalf of our clients. We always remember who we are working for, and our clients have to come first.”

Having access to a range of insurers means that brokers are also best placed to find clients the right product, as well as the best value.

Working with a broker means clients can be assured of total impartiality, as well as having access to the most comprehensive range of policies available.

David adds: “Despite what people may think, going direct to an insurer is unlikely to get the best deal, advice or cover.

“We are able to go far and wide ensuring that we can obtain policy cover from an exceptionally wide range and we often place our clients with policies from several insurers.”

And while all brokers will have access to this wide range, impartiality and independence are still far from guaranteed.

“At Park we are a truly independent business,” says David.

“Unfortunately, not all brokers can say this – many are tied to a few insurers or have only one provider for certain types of cover. We don’t ever want to limit our clients’ options, so we make sure we have access to the broadest range available to help them make the right choice.”

Making the right choice is yet another reason to work with a broker when it comes to protecting your most valuable assets, as the options can be bewildering.

David says: “At Park, we spend time fully understanding a business and its owners. This is the only way we can clearly present their risk to insurers and explain exactly what they do and how they do it.

“The broker will then be able to fully advise on the covers needed, risk improvements that should be made and sometimes even covers for risks clients had not considered or didn’t even know about.

“It’s of paramount importance that clients fully understand the insurance policy provided, which is why we insist on taking them through each one.”

Having business insurance is a necessity – should the worst happen to your company, staff or premises, without an adequate policy in place, you could be left high and dry.

At Park, our clients are always our most important consideration, and we treat each and every one as an individual.

As David says: “It’s our job to make sure our clients can sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that they have the correct policy and right levels of insurance cover.”