The Official Welcome

This has been a long time coming.  From initial discussions to final move in it’s been almost three years.  A worldwide pandemic didn’t help, but now we’re in!

Welcome to Synergy House – our new home.

Why Synergy?

First, let’s look at the definition of synergy  – ‘Two or more things working together in order to create something that is bigger or greater than the sum of their individual efforts’.

And that is what we do.  We work together to achieve better results than if we worked alone.  We work with our colleagues, we work with our insurers and most importantly we work with our clients.

We’ve been working alone for too long in 2020 and now this building creates the opportunity for us to reset and work together again.

We have designed the layout to encourage collaboration and create a space that allows us to do our best work.  We have deep work areas, quiet areas, group areas, break areas and amazing formal meeting areas.  All designed to allow the team, our clients and our insurers to meet, work together and achieve great results.

I am very proud of how it looks and feels (scroll down for some images to give you a flavour).

Please come and see us anytime – you will always be welcome.